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Get The Most From Your Trade Show Marketing Investment With Ameritalent's
Staffing, Talent, Attractions & Presentations
Ameritalent's Attractions, Staffing, Talent & Presentations attract crowds to your booth by interacting with guests and attendees while performing a variety of designated services from lead genration and crowd gathering to contact captures, promotional and premiums distribution and custom created presentations and attractions to engage atendees while presenting your brand and promotional message. Our talented and experienced professionals can handle all of your trade show needs, while our attractions and live presentations can take your trade show experience to another level of interaction, impact and success.  
FACT: According to trade show research, live presentations are one of the top three most important reasons why attendees remember an exhibit, along with product interest and booth size
Increase Traffic & Visibility, Create Interest, Deliver Your Sales Message, Generate More Leads
And Be The Talk Of The Show!
Ameritalent's trade show professionals attract crowds to your booth by integrating your sales and marketing messages into our amazing and intriguing customized presentations. These high-impact presentations will engage attendees in an interactive experience that will allow your message to be seen, heard and remembered by more people. Imagine how much more effective your booth will be because you have this unique attraction that is tailored to deliver your most important business messages directly to your prospective audience.
Ameritalent's professional experience as crowd generators, educators, presenters and entertainers makes our presentations a valuable part of your success team. We understand audience dynamics, effective production concepts, and the most effective methods to deliver your company’s products, services or message.

Our Trade Show Talent, Attractions And Presentations Are An Investment In Your Success!
Ameritalent understands that trade show success is based on creating interest and generating sales. Companies invest thousands of dollars in trade show exhibits and promotion for one reason - the opportunity to connect with potential customers. It takes more than just a clever gimmick to gather and hold attention of a trade show audience. Simply just having a premium at your both is not enough to attract business and create an impact. Experts say that you only have six seconds to gain their attention and draw them into your booth. You can not leave this to chance. Attracting attendees to your booth and stopping long enough to allow you to present your services, products or message is a big challenge.

Studies have shown we retain more when learning is a fun, enjoyable and an inviting experience. Using these psychologically advantageous concepts allows our presentations and attractions to make learning and remembering your message a fun, exciting and non-threatening experience.
Our Trade Show Professionals Is The Most Cost-Effective Investment Your Company Can Make
To Insure Success At Your Exhibit Booth.
Ameritalent can offer a custom designed professional presentation that captures an audience and delivers your message while offering something truly personal that:
  • Creates interest and delivers traffic directly to your booth
  • Keeps audiences intrigued, engaged and willing to stay to hear your message
  • Allows you to obtain their detailed contact information
  • Creates the perfect opportunity for your sales people to truly connect with attendees and establish your company apart from the other exhibitors and your competition
Complete Customization And Presentation Support

 Scripting   Production  Audio/Visual
 Staff And Assistants Briefing & Preparation
 Promotional Giveaways

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Ameritalent also offers a variety of promotional premiums customized with your company's name, brand, image or promotional campaign for additional exposure and lasting impressions.  Several of our live presentations also include keepsake promotional CD's or printed giveaways to offer additional lasting impact as a keepsake of your presentation for future use and reference over and over again. Packaging is even customized with your company and brand name and imaging for increased exposure. These  are very cost-effective, unique and useful promotional tools that will sustain your impact, and enhance the complete presentation.
To Create Attention, Impact & Results At Your Next Trade Show Call Today!
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