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webassets/LAFFRandi.jpgMarketing and Promotion is about taking a desired product or service and presenting it to the intended target audience. Simply put, Marketing & Promotion can determine the success of any brand, campaign or event. Ameritalent specializes in a variety of Marketing and Promotion techniques, programs and incentives to help you introduce, present, brand, position and deliver your company, product or campaign to it's inteded audience though our selection or promotional resources.
Ameritalent ultilizes the most current and up to date innovative and experiential concepts, strategies and techniques, combined with longtime, results-driven standards to offer you a the most complete branding, postioning and promotional options.  Ameritalent can custom create a promotional event or campaign desigend around your specific interests, needs and requirements to deliver impact, visibility and results.
PRODUCT LAUNCHES & CAMPAIGNS webassets/PepsiFashionShowR.jpg
Ameritalent has the knowledge and experience to assist you in implementing Product Launches and Promotional Campaigns locally, regionally or nationwide. Through our wide variety of proven, time-tested methods and strategies, Ameritalent can turn your concept into reality. Our creative team can also work directly with you to custom create market specific programs allowing for optimal results, saturation and effiency. Whether executing your predesigned product Luanch and Campaigns, or being your resource to create and customize a campaign specifically for your release, our experts can offer a variety of promotional strategies to best help you acheive your goals. 
Ameritalent offers the most extensive selection of Trade Show promotional services and talent including Booth Hostesses, Crowd Gatherers, Promotional Event Models, Lead Generators, Product Specialists, Brand Ambassadors, Spokesmodels, Product Samplers, Promotional Distributions, Team Leads, Event Managers, Booth Attractions & Customized Presentations, Presenters & Narrators, Entertainment, Audio/Video Production and Custom Promotional Premiums. All of these are designed to play a key role in assisting you in creating your successful team to implement your marketing and promotional strategies. Whether your looking for talent and staffing to implement booth operations, professional talent to host interactive presentations, or entertainment for your booth, hospitality suite or company event, Ameritalent has the talented professionals to help you achieve your goals to create Trade Show results and success.
Let Ameritalent  create  the  perfect  promotional  or  street  team  to  hit  the  pavement  for  your  event  or  product  campaign.  Promotional  and  Street  Teams  are  excellent  to  create  a  visual  attraction  while  generating  a  buzz  by  utilizing  a  variety  of  promotional  resources  including  promotional  flier  distribution,  giveaways,  samplings  and  demonstrations,  while  generating  awareness  to  your  brand  or  event.  Teams  can  range  from as few as 3 members to having several larger crews working simultaneously  throughout  different  areas  to  create  maximum  exposure and visibility.   
This absolutely unique promotional resource is truly one of the best kept secrets in promotional marketing. This  works  great  as  an  independent  promotion  or  is  an  excellent  way  to  enhance  your  current  existing  promotional  campaigns  and  events.  Our  Covert  Team  Operation  features  a  team  of  several  promotional  representatives  working  undercover  to  promote  and  brand  your  product  or  service.  Our  team  casually  appears  at  predetermined  venue  or  event,  with  or  with  out  the  venues  knowledge,  acting  as  typical  patrons. Almost immediately conversation turns to your product as they begin to discuss your brand while interacting with other  patrons  of  the  venue  causing  them  to  purchase  your  product  for  themselves  as  well  as  our  team  members. Benefit from the casual delivery and environment combined with the positive power of suggestion.  Covert Team  Operations  are  a  great  way  to  get  new  potential  customers  to  try  your  product  while  being  enjoyed  and projected positively by our undercover experts.
Ameritalent truly understands the importance of the laws of attraction.  It’s been said you only have six seconds to grab a potential customers attention and attract them to your offerings. Our promotional attractions are designed to offer fantastic visual appeal and customer interaction. Our roster of Promotional Attractions include live presentations and promotional entertainment, and interactive attractions including Prize/Game Wheels, Money Machine, Giant Slot Machines, Live Game Shows, Personality Amnalysis, Mind Games Mentalist, Handwriting Analysis,  Plinko Games and more. These engaging promotional resources have proven time and time again to create awareness and attention, generate interest, attract crowds, bring direct presentation of your message, generate and qualify leads, and offer you a variety of both instant and long-term promotional benefits and results.